Everything Has Eclipse Support These Days…

It’s amazing how many languages and environments have Eclipse support these days. There’s the flagship Eclipse Java support in the JDT. C and C++ are supported by the CDT. For Ruby there’s the RDT, for Python there’s PyDev, Perl has EPIC. Even the functional languages Haskell and OCaml have the EclipseFP project.

For web developers not into the J2EE kink, there’s Ruby on Rails support in RadRails. RadRails is available as both a standalone app as well as an Eclipse plugin. Nice touch.

I began to ponder whether there are any remotely mainstream languages that don’t have an Eclipse plugin. With an inner chuckle I thought, “Surely COBOL must have been left behind!” Alas, I was wrong. It’s even a proper Eclipse project. Silly me.

Welcome to Bangpath

bang (noun): the character “!”

bang path (noun):

[now historical] An old-style UUCP electronic-mail address specifying hops to get from some assumed-reachable location to the addressee, so called because each hop is signified by a bang sign. Thus, for example, the path ...!bigsite!foovax!barbox!me directs people to route their mail to machine bigsite (presumably a well-known location accessible to everybody) and from there through the machine foovax to the account of user me on barbox.

The Jargon File

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